ERNC provides a chart correction service and outfit management system for the Novoship, Novoship (UK), Unicom and other companies. We are official agent of Russian Admiralty in the area of Azov and Black seas and authorised for distribution of Russian navigation charts, publications and correction materials and also to arrange necessary services, in order to keep all charts and publications up-to-date. Moreover ERNC is declared as official representative of Chart Pilot - general distributor of Russian charts and publications.


Our services are designed to ensure that the ship’s outfit of charts, and publications are kept up-to-date to assist in the safe navigation and efficient operation of that vessel. They also help to ensure that the IMO (SOLAS) requirements and any other national regulations are complied with.

These services include:

  1. The automatic supply of New Editions of all charts and publications.
  2. Weekly Chart Correction List.
  3. The weekly supply of Notice to Mariners and Chart Correcting Tracings.
  4. Chart Correction Services.
  5. Chart Corrections Log.
  6. Sending Chart Correction Information on board via Radio Channels as per ship’s Request.
  7. Digital Tracings Supply.

supplyNew Editions Service

Our computerised New Editions Service is designed to ensure the earliest supply of all relevant new editions to a vessel.

To operate the service we require a complete list of all charts and publications contained in the vessels chart outfit. This information is fed into our computer. We also need to know where, when and how the new editions are to be supplied to the vessel. This can be arranged as either a regular automatic supply, i.e. every four weeks to the shipowners office for onward forwarding, or by periodic advice from the owner giving next port of call, address of agent and method of despatch required or by direct communication with the vessel.

Each new chart or new edition of chart, book or supplement is automatically cross-checked against the vessels known coverage. If the item is found to be carried by the vessel it is reserved for the next supply. When a supply is called for, a printout is produced, the items are drawn from stock and despatched. Should any item be unavailable at time of supply it will auto­matically be included in the next supply.

There is no charge by ERNC for the New Edition Service. The only cost is for the charts and publications supplied plus any despatch charges involved.

Each ship on this service is issued with a Chart Index’, which lists all the charts and publications in both folio order and in numerical order. From this the navigator has precise details of the coverage carried including the edition date where appropriate. Obviously the Index has to be kept up to date by the navigator as changes are made.

clockChart Correction List

A further service we can offer to a vessel using our New Editions Service is a weekly Correction List. Every week our computer will print-out both sequentially and in folio order, the weeks corrections which affect charts contained in the ships outfit. It also advises amendments to the index held on board.

Chart Correction Service

In addition to maintaining our own stock, we offer a chart correcting service to the user.

Chart Correction Tracings

The weekly chart correction tracings are a fast and accurate aid for correcting charts, which saves time and reduces costs. The wallets are supplied together with the appropriate Notice to Mariners for that week.

clockChart Correction Log

Our computer system will provide facilities for the production of a Chart Correction Log for those vessels on our New Edition Service. This service will be of use to the marine manager or navi­gator to check the correction status of the charts held on board.

Sending Chart Correction Information on board via Radio Channels by Request.

This service is very useful for the ships, which could not receive tracings for several weeks (trading in unreliable delivery areas, long passage etc.). Navigator may request ERNC for charts and publications correction materials for some particular charts (publications). This system has installed and authorised by Russian Admiralty.

Digital Tracings Supply.

This service allows navigator to receive and print out tracings on board. Our digital tracings format is so economical and small in size that it can be transmitted on board via E-mail. The size of tracings for one week is about 20 – 40 Kilobytes (100 times less then other suppliers can propose!).

radioAll mentioned services are regarding Russian charts.

Pilot books and Light lists are issuing by Russian Admiralty. Book correction procedure is based on regular supply of summary corrections which include all corrections applied to the publication from the date of issue.

servicesElectronic Charts

For a long time, ERNC company has been a reliable supplier of official electronic charts (ENC) Primar, AVCS, C-Map, Transas, which allow you to switch, under certain conditions, to electronic navigation, without using paper navigation charts.

We are the official distributors of such companies as PRIMAR, ELCOME, Transas, OneOcean.

In addition to providing electronic charts, we also provide comprehensive support to customers. From the selection of charts along the route (at the request of the client), to assistance in installing charts, providing all the necessary recommendations and instructions to solve problems at any time.

Our company is a representative of such ECDIS manufacturers as FURUNO, Sperry, JRC, Transas, Kelvin Hughes, etc. Therefore, at any time we will be able to provide remote technical support, not only for electronic chart, but also for the operation of equipment.

We have many years of experience in maintaining electronic charts and maintaining ENC collections on ships. Various service options are possible.

All information about the order (cost, screenshot of the frames of the charts selected by the ship) is provided to the client's office to the person in charge. And only after approval from the office, licenses are issued.

Or, for the convenience of customers, we can independently correct orders from ships and confirm them without consulting the office. At the same time, the office of the client's company can set a limit on the cost of the order, which cannot be exceeded without approval.

The accumulated experience allows us to quickly solve the most frequently encountered problems when working with electronic charts.