mech.pngThe ElectroRadioNavigational Chamber (ERNC) was organized in port of  Novorossiysk in 1964 as a branch of ElectroRadioNavigational chamber of the BLACK SEA SHIPPING COMPANY (port of Odessa). From 1966 to 2003 ERNC was a part of NOVOROSSISK SHIPPING COMPANY. Now ERNC is a JSC Novoship daughter company - "ERNC Ltd.",  included in group of the companies of  Joint Stock Venture "NOVOSHIP" (part of Sovcomflot group of companies), has its own seal and banking accounts.
The ERNC Ltd. has the Certificates of Recognition granted by the Russian Maritime Register Of Shipping (RMRS) and the Russian River Register (RRR) to produce the design installation documentation, to perform installation, commissioning, repair and service of GMDSS and shipborne navigational electronic equipment of the sea-going and inner waterways vessels under surveillance of RMRS and RRR, relevant Certificates of Approval as Service Providers were granted by DNV-GL, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, RINA, Class NK (NKK)  and American Bureau of Shipping on subject to perform survey, commissioning and annual testing of GMDSS, navigational, UAIS, VDR/S-VDR, LRIT and SSAS equipment.

From 2011 ERNC Ltd became a member of CIRM (The International Association of Marine Electronics Companies).
ERNC Ltd. QMS was certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL at the moment) in November, 2009 under the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in a sphere of activity:
   1. Supply of nautical charts, publications and corrections to them for ships.
   2. Shipborne electronic equipment maintenance and repairs.
(According to documented procedures of the Management of quality) The certificate  No. 65452-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS.  
From 1999 till 2009,  QMS of ERNC, being a branch of Novorossiysk Shipping Company (Novoship) was certified by DNV (ISO 9001:2000) as a part of Novoship’s  QM system.   
ERNC Ltd. has the following structure:
Management - the Director, sectors managers, marketing and sales manager, service coordinator, the chief  accountant.
Sector of Navigational Charts and Maritime Publications,
Communications and Navigational Aids Sector.
All works are carried out according to the documentation and Service manuals, which is supplied with the equipment or received by our service engineers whilst training courses performed by companies - manufacturers of the equipment.
The ERNC Ltd. is service representative for following manufacturers of the equipment:
   -Northrop  Grumman Sperry Marine (GMDSS, VDR/S-VDR, Navigational Aids)
   -Cobham (GMDSS, Satcoms, SSAS, LRIT)
   -Tokyo Keiki (Gyros, Autopilots, Navigation Aids)
   -Jotron A/S (EPIRB, GMDSS)
   -Kelvin Hughes Ltd. (VDR/S-VDR, Radar, GMDSS, Navigation)
   -Samyung Enc Co Ltd (GMDSS, Navigation)
   -Consilium Marine & Safety AB (Navigation, VDR/S-VDR)
   -Furuno Electric Co Ltd (GMDSS, Navigation, VDR/S-VDR)
   -NetWave Systems BV/ Rutter Technologies (VDR, S-VDR)
   -Alphatron Japan Radio Corporation (Radar, VDR, GMDSS, AIS)
   -Selex/Broadgate (VDR, S-VDR)
   -Koden Electronics Co. Ltd. (Radars, Sonars, Navigation)
   -Orolia/McMurdo Ltd (EPIRB, GMDSS)
   -Highlander (VDR, S-VDR)
   -Headway (VDR, S-VDR)
   -Musson LLC (EPIRB, GMDSS)
   -Transas Marine (GMDSS, E-Navigation)
   -Martek Marine UK
   -AMI Marine (UK) Ltd.

The below listed surveys of radio equipment were done during 2016- first quarter of 2017 years:
   -GMDSS, AIS (Thrane&Thrane, Samyung, Furuno Electric, Japan Radio Corporation, Sperry Marine) - 215
   -EPIRB (Jotron A/S, Samyung, McMurdo, Kannad, Musson) - 251
   -VDR / S-VDR (NG Sperry Marine, Kelvin Hughes, Consilium Marine & Safety, MARIS, Furuno, NetWave, JRC, Broadgate, Highlander, Headway, Rutter)  -  49

The ERNC Ltd  has all the necessary equipment and facilities for the service of VDR/S-VDR:
1. PCs (notebooks) with software:
   -Kelvin Hughes VDR Replay Ver 1.8.3
   -FURUNO VDR Live Player 4
   -Consilium Voyage Data Service Player Ver. 709620AO Build 793
   -MARIS VDR Display Ver. 2.0
   -JRC Setup (monitor) Ver. 2.0.0
VDR monitor Ver1.2
VDR Maintenance Software V.2.1.0
VDR Option setup V.1.0.2   
   -BroadGate VER 3000 Playback Suite Ver.1.5a
  VER 4000 Playback Suite Ver.2.08
   -Sperry VDR Explorer Ver.
   -NetWave Wave Play Ver.
   -INTERSCHALT Replay System Ver.3.7.0
  Voyadge Data Service Player Ver. 709620AO
   -HeadWay Playback Player Ver.2.1.1
  RealTime Player Ver.1.1
   -Rutter VDR Playback Ver.4.3.1
  VDR Download Ver.4.05.02
2. Futroniс TestBox.
3. Programmators for EPIRB 406:
   -McMurdo / Sailor SE406II
   -Samyung SEP-406
   -ACR FPR-100
4. Testers for checking EPIRB 406, AIS and VDR:
   -Portable Sarsat Beacon Testset ARG 5410
   -AIS Tester
   -Ultrasonic Tester set Model 42A12D (DUKANE)
5.   General purpose devices - digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, high frequency digital counters,  spectrum analysers and etc.
All measuring devices have manuals for the operators, accessible to the personnel of ERNC Ltd.
All measuring devices for performed services are checked up on annual basis by the Russian state bodies of supervision. The measuring devices, past check and allowed for use are supplied with the certificates by their accuracy certifying by conformity to technical parameters, specified in the passports.Our company has access to all international rules and regulations as ITU regulations, IMO Performance Standards, SOLAS 74.

Training of personnel:
Training of the personnel is made at the enterprises of manufacturers of the equipment according to their programs.

In 2012-2014 engineers of ERNC were trained at following enterprises of manufacturers of the equipment:
   -Furuno RADAR, GMDSS, AIS, VDR, ECDIS (Malyukhov)
   -Kelvin Hughes (Vedenov)
   -NG Sperry Marine GMDSS, VDR, Navigation  (Malyukhov, Dementiev, Ponomarenko, Vedenov)
   -Raytheon Anschuetz GMbH (Malyukhov)
   -Interschalt (Kolodniy)
   -NetWave (Kolodniy)
   -Consilium Marine & Safety VDR (Vedenov)
   -Transas ECDIS (Malyukhov, Vedenov)
   -Praxis ( Ponomarenko)
   -Headway (Matskevich)
   -Danelec on behalf of NG Sperry Marine (Dermenev, Malyukhov)

Also internal trainings have been organized:
   -FLЕЕT 77 – installation, programming, malfunctions and troubleshooting  (Malyukhov)
   -VDR CONSILIUM – check and survey (Malyukhov)
   -VDR Kelvin Hughes – check and survey (Vedenov)
   -VDR Furuno – check and survey (Vedenov)
   -AIS – check with AIS-tester (Matskevich, Zhidko)
   -ECDIS – malfunctions and troubleshooting (Vedenov)
   -Gyro ANSCHUTZ – annual gyro overhaul (Matskevich)
Procedures and  instructions of realization of annual survey  based on the regulations of SOLAS 74, IMO resolutions and circulars and IEC 61966, IEC 61966-2 or are given by manufacturers of  VDR/S-VDR.

Checklists - according to MSC.1/Circ.1222  ( 11 December 2006)  or from manufacturers of the VDR/S-VDR or Classification societies.

ERNC is certified by below listed societies for servicing and testing of radio equipment:

   -Lloyd's Register
   -Germanischer Lloyd
   -NKK (Class NK)

As per quality management system there is "log-book of claims and corrective actions". During 2012-2014 year there were 2 claims from customers. All of them were investigated and proper corrective actions were implemented.

Contact us (our engineers) and we will help to solve all Your problems.